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Welcome to F1Betting.Tips. Yes – weird domain. I’m used to .coms etc but I have to admit – this one is pretty cool.

My name is Graeme, and I’ll be providing you free F1 Betting Tips for the F1 2015 Season – all computer simulated.

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I’ve been betting since before I was legally allowed to – getting people to hop in the bookies and “put a line on for me”. As the years have went on, and online sportsbooks have became so much bigger I’ve started investing more and more time into sports betting, to the point where it is one of my primary incomes.

I bet on everything, from football to the NBA, from rugby to NHL – and over the last few years, I’ve started betting the Formula 1.

I love watching F1 and got into it in the days of Nigel Mansell – to this day, I don’t think there’s any better video game when it comes to racing than Ayrton Sennas Grand Prix for the Sega Megadrive!

I’ve made a fair bit of money betting on F1 over the last few years, and a large part of that is thanks to my friend Andrew who is an F1 nut. With his F1 experience and my betting knowledge we’ve managed to put together a nice little system where we’ve been able to get some nice profits for the last two years.

Feeling confident, we’ve decided to bring this system online. It’s a mix of using our very own computer system and also using personal opinion. I do the geek stuff with the system, Andrew provides his knowledge and we hammer it out over the week prior to each race.

To keep updated on the tips, be sure to visit F1Betting.Tips prior to each F1 race, and of course I currently offer e-mail subscription below. I’ll do Facebook and Twitter soon.

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